Alila Founder


My name is Natalia and I’m from Sao Paulo, Brazil. I’m also the founder of ALILA. I’m so glad you’re here!

I’ve loved jewelry since I was a child. My mother did too, and I remember being obsessed with the case that she kept hers in. I used to sneak into her room and just stare at it. When I felt brave, I’d open it and fall in love. Jewelry stirred my emotions, and reminded me of my family. A lot of time has passed, but today I still feel the same.

Years later, it was no surprise to find myself in fashion. I had the amazing chance to work as a Producer for Vogue Magazine in Brazil. The culture, the fun, and the friends I met there will always be in my heart. Life moved ahead and it was on to new adventures.

Canada was calling, and I soon landed a gig with a big ad agency. The days were long, but life felt exciting. Then in April 2020 the world turned upside down for me like so many others. I lost my job. I felt defeated.

That feeling quickly changed. I knew this had to be a blessing that I wasn’t seeing. Moving away from my love of fashion didn’t feel right, and a tiny voice was telling me.

I remembered the compliments that I would receive about my jewelry. Curiously, the attention-grabbing pieces were always from Brazil. It took a moment, but everything clicked. I knew I had to share them, and ALILA was born.

ALILA was created to bring some bossa nova from Brazil to North America. Our pieces were selected by me and my team of stylists. They are hand-made and most carry natural Brazilian gemstones. Each one is unique because of its nature. Imperfect stones evoke history and new origins. Like me, you may love these pieces for life.